Gorbel Tianjin China-Sales and Manufacturing   
No. 58 13th Street
Tianjin, China 300457
Guo Baoshun: baoguo@gorbel.com.cn
Phone: 86-22-5982-2288
Going Global in China?  

Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, 
British Columbia
John Reynolds
Phone: 800-821-0086

Quebec & Maritimes
Reptech - Yvon St. Louis: info@reptech.ca
Work: 800-821-0086

Australia-Sales and Manufacturing
Safetech PTY LTD
Chris White: chrisw@safetech.com.au
Phone: 011-61-35-127-4566

Germany-Authorized/Certified G-Force and Easy Arm 
E-Motion Handlingsysteme GmbH 
Bernhard Heese: b.heese@emotion-balancer.com
Phone: 011-4906486-90496-60

Turkey - Authorized/Certified G-Force and Easy Arm 
Tolga Karasu tkarasu@modsim.com.tr
Phone: 011-90-216-395-5280

Korea-Sales and Manufacturing
KG Inc.
Mr. Sung Koo Kim: wills@kgcrane.com
Phone: 011-82-32-583-6671 

Invent SA
Jorge-Garcia Corral: jorge@inventsa.com
Phone: 011-52-818-333-6210

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