Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling mounted articulating jib cranes can be stationary mounted or platform supported from a Gorbel® Work Station Dual Girder Bridge Crane, which allows usage outside the normal coverage of a bridge crane or the jib to swing under obstructions. With the jib mounted to a platform, multiple work cells can be covered with just one crane and lifting device.



  • Capacity up to 2000 lbs. 
  • Coverage: circular, Standard spans to 16' 
  • 360 degree rotation at each pivot point 
  • Can be used with hook mounted lifting devices (electric, air, or vacuum) 
  • Can be mounted to a platform supported from a bridge crane to swing outside the normal coverage of a bridge crane  - Contact Customer Service, limited to certain capacities and spans
  • Mounted overhead, no disruption to work flow in work cell 
  • Compact design requires minimal overhead clearance for installation


• Air swivel for boom and / or arm 
• Collectors for boom and / or arm 
• Rotation stops for boom and / or arm


• Circular coverage area 
• Moving loads around corners or through doorways 
• Reaching loads into machines 
• Swinging loads under obstructions

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Articulating Jib Crane assists in building and maintenance of Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Download


•  How do I purchase Gorbel® products?
Gorbel® products are sold through an extensive network of distributors across North America and in major markets throughout the world. Call us at (844) 268-7055 or (585) 924-6262 to find a Gorbel® distributor in your area.

•  Where do I find the Serial Number of my Gorbel® Crane?
Our serial number can be found on the crane itself, on the front of the installation & maintenance manual, on the general arrangement drawing, and on the order verfication. The serial number is a six character sequence: 123456

•  How do I order parts for my Gorbel® Crane?
In order to get the correct parts you will need the Serial Number off the Gorbel® Crane System. You may either contact the dealer that sold the equipment originally or contact Gorbel® at (844) 268-7055 for other options or if you cannot locate the serial number.

•  When is customer service available?
Our customer service department can be reached Monday - Thursday 7am-7pm and Fridays from 7am-5pm Eastern Time.

 If I know nothing about your products, how do I find the best options for my application?
We have a wizard that will take you through questions about your application and point you in the right direction. Find the product wizard.

•  I am an Architect / Engineer looking to Specify Gorbel® products. Where do I find CSI Specifications?
We have an Architect & Engineering website just for you! At the site you can view and download 3 part architectural specifications in either .doc or .pdf format and configure a crane complete with drawings and loading information. Find out more...

 I just purchased a Gorbel® Crane, how do I register the warranty?
You should have received with your order a warranty registration form. You can either fill that out and fax it back to us at (844) 268-7055 or go on-line and fill out the form.

•  Who should I contact if my order is lost or has missing or damaged parts?
Make a note on the bill of lading of what is missing or damaged then contact the freight company. If items are damaged a freight claim will need to be filed immediately, as carriers will only accept claims during the two weeks following a delivery.


• Air swivel for boom and / or arm 
• Collectors for boom and / or arm 
• Rotation stops for boom and / or arm