Ergonomic Lifting Study

Ergostudy cover
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The Ergonomic Advantages of Intelligent Lifting Devices:

This summary is based on a study performed by the Rochester Institute of Technology. The complete study is available by contacting Gorbel at (800) 821-0086 or downloading it here.

The study compared the performance of Gorbel’s G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device to manual lifting, an air balancer with pendant control, a variable frequency chain hoist, an electric balancer and an air balancer with electric controls.

The study focused on performance of these devices in the following applications:
High Cycle Applications
Precision Placements
Quick Change in Direction (Inertia Management)

The ROI of ILDs e-book: How Intelligent Lifting Devices are paying dividends.

Modern ergonomically assisted material handling is undergoing a dramatic transformation. One that is making repetitive-motion injuries and associated workers' comp claims virtually obsolete.

Download both the ergonomic study and the e-book...

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